Maintenance Technician Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Maintenance Technician in 49616:
"If I could look back."
Live the dream!

Maintenance Technician in Washington Court House:
"Troubleshooting Works Best When Working Backward."
Education is the key to success! One of the most valuable assets to add to your portfolio is learn the functionality of a Multi-Meter. With a clear understanding you can test a multitude of problems, narrow your search and locate key information to discovering the problem. A Maintenance Technician needs to be able to work well under stress and the clock. Most of the time repairs need to be completed quickly while the Equipment is down and everyone is waiting on you. A number one rule is to always remove the energy source, weather it's electricity, air, gas etc. Lock out and Tag out the equipment so no one can re-energize it but you.

Maintenance Technician in Henagar:
"How low the top out rate was for koch foods."
Company doesn't pay what the employee is worth poor pay rates.