Manufacturing Engineer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Manufacturing Engineer in Bowling Green:
"Expect the call."
No matter where you are someone may need help at your plant.

Manufacturing Engineer in Fredericksburg:
"Find a mentor."
I would recommend finding a mentor if possible with a similar educational background and similar career aspirations that is one level above your current level. A mentor could work for the same company, but doesn't have to and I would recommend if possible finding someone other than your direct report unless this person is an exceptional fit. Start out from the beginning gaining the acceptance and respect of those you work with, especially those that work on the front lines. You will need their help more than you know to be successful. Concentrate on working with them and not against them. Often you you will have conflicting ideas or be a part of implementing change that will be uncomfortable for them. Communication and involvement of these individuals is key to the success of your projects and ultimately you.