Marketing Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Assistant?

Marketing Assistant in Orange:
"Experience summary."
Pros: Ability to network.
Cons: Inability to act alone.

Marketing Assistant in Southfield:
"Variety of duties on a daily basis."
Pros: Special marketing projects, event planning and interacting with clients on a daily basis.
Cons: Understaffed and overworked.

Marketing Assistant in New York:
"What It Is Like."
Pros: Good atmosphere and teamwork even when emergencies and disasters are around every corner.
Cons: Being underground and away from the sunlight.

Marketing Assistant in Gainesville:
"Good job, great company."
Pros: Good people, flexible and forgiving.
Cons: Low pay, chemical smell, lack of advancement.

Marketing Assistant in Los Angeles:
Pros: My supervisor is open to my thoughts and contributions. Edits and suggestions I make are usually put into effect, or cause other ideas to bounce off of mine.
Cons: It's a part-time desk job, where it revolves me spending time around my computer all day.

Marketing Assistant in Baltimore:
"Stressful, busy, detail-oriented, management, technical."
Pros: I have many different roles within the organization. I am involved in most business functions.
Cons: I am too busy and have too many tasks outside of the scope of my job. The will not change my job title to reflect my duties.

Marketing Assistant in Cleveland:
"Begin Day In Prayer. Contact With Clients."
Pros: That it is a family office and the atmosphere is always positive.
Cons: If I had to not like anything, it would be that I don't work enough hours there.