Marketing Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Assistant?

Marketing Assistant in Conyers:
Pros: I get to do what I love.
Cons: No appreciation.

Marketing Assistant in Culpeper:
Pros: Working with seniors and their families and helping them find the right house or apartment and to move in and be happy.
Cons: Too many things to remember on a daily basis.

Marketing Assistant in Seattle:
"Love nearly everything about my job but feel undervalued."
Pros: The action sports industry has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager and in many ways I consider the job I currently have to be "the dream job." On top of working with like-minded people who are passionate about the same things as I am, we receive a fair amount of discounts and opportunities to participate in all the activities we love. Coming in as an intern I had little relevant experience in the work I would be doing, but I had a general idea of eCommerce and am very adept at learning efficiently. Over the last couple years my role has expanded tremendously - ranging from simply reporting on SEM performance & running minor paid social media advertising campaigns in the beginning, to now managing SEM for our brick-and-mortar markets, planning & implementing our promotion email strategy, and more. The opportunity for growth has been a constant and I am incredibly grateful for what that has done for both the development of my skills, but as a professional as well.
Cons: As mentioned above, my role within the company has grown immensely throughout my time in the office. Whether it was through volunteering or was asked of me I was more than happy to take on whatever responsibility the team need help with. Some of these responsibilities - such as planning and implementing our promotional email strategy - are major roles, and typically carried out by people that are compensated accordingly. The part that I like least about my job is simply that I feel as if I am being taken advantage of and undervalued with regards to the amount of tasks I have taken on excelled in.

Marketing Assistant in Cortlandt:
Pros: Distance, culture, dress code.
Cons: The pay, lack of communication, stress, culture.

Marketing Assistant in Miami:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Great networking opportunity, get to see the city of Miami grow and meet great companies.
Cons: Corporate culture, politics, not much room for growth.

Marketing Assistant in Los Angeles:
Pros: I can come in late to avoid traffic on the commute over. And I have my own office. The experience is great.
Cons: I am underpaid, I practically run the business with little help. I commute from a 40 mile distance.

Marketing Assistant in Orange:
"Experience summary."
Pros: Ability to network.
Cons: Inability to act alone.