Marketing Coordinator Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Marketing Coordinator in Flushing:
"More active."
I would say to be more active in projects and go away for a semester to intern for your major.

Marketing Coordinator in Savannah:
"Looking For Opportunity For Professional Growth."
I wish there was more opportunity for professional growth. I am fairly ambitious and thought that I would be able to move forward in this company and really grow a long term career, but the timing of the financial melt down and its effects on the industry really hurt my progress! Now the job market and the way you find a job are completely different than 5 yrs ago and I'm finding it hard to compete. While I really enjoy what I do, I'm starving for more, and I feel forced to remain in a dead-end position, because the job market landscape has drastically changed. My advice; if you are ambitious and have a desire to succeed, research the company and make sure there's room for growth and advancement or make your own opportunities right away, learn what you can, don't get in a rut and move on. Company's (especially a small business) are not loyal, nor are they willing to invest in their employees any more and nor should you, after all it's just business.

Marketing Coordinator in Baltimore:
Be more open with management.