Marketing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Manager in Dallas:
"Great! Very fun atmosphere, great flexibility,"
Pros: I love that I get to meet so many people. I am honing my skills on social media marketing by studying. I get to polish my skills by using them on a daily basis to keep in touch with prospective clients.
Cons: I don't like the pay.

Marketing Manager in San Luis Obispo:
"Marketing Operations Manager."
Pros: Creativity, Flexible, Learning Opportunities.
Cons: Red tape, no room for growth, poor communication structure.

Marketing Manager in Cranston:
"Change is the only constant."
There is no secret to what drives today's lines of communication. It's technology. Being able to plan to adapt is perhaps the best advice I could offer.

Marketing Manager in Rochester:
"Work flexibility, colleagues."
Pros: Colleagues.
Cons: Upper management.

Marketing Manager in Florida:
"Love the Challenge."
Pros: I love this job because there is always a new puzzle to solve every week. I love challenges and figuring out new ways to do things, so this job is perfect in that sense. My team is solid and one of the highest functioning teams at the company because we all have the same goals. I also love the fact that I regularly speak with the CEO and answer only to the CEO of the company. It takes a lot of the bureaucracy out of it that you usually see in most companies.
Cons: If I could change one thing, it would be the corporate culture. There are people within the office that make it very unpleasant to work there because they are constantly trying to implement policies that limit communication or add extra layers to approvals. This makes things difficult for me because this person is not in my direct chain of command but she does have a lot of pull within the office, so I must respect her position. She is a good ally to have but she can be very stressful to deal with. The other thing I would change is how the CEO dishes out his negative feedback. When the mood strikes him, he will go after you like a terrier with a juicy bone. He usually regrets it and tries to work with you to improve the areas that you need help with, though.

Marketing Manager in San Diego:
"High Level of Responsibility."
Pros: A great deal of responsibility and high-level decision making.
Cons: Working "in the weeds" at times and not having enough time to strategize and plan correctly.

Marketing Manager in Washington:
"Learn About the Company."
It's important to build relationships with internal staff and the interested public, but always keep an eye on the success of the company as well.