Marketing Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Marketing Manager in Jersey City:
"How difficult it is."

Marketing Manager in New York:
"Never stop learning..."
You got your degree. Awesome. Now, keep going. What do you (think) you want to do? Ok cool - take a related online course or in person certificate program. Project management is often a great place to start. Don't have the money? Defer your loan payments and budget (Mint App). Don't waste money eating out and drinking. Meal prep. Have a cheat day where you do eat out (cough Saturday obvi cough). Enjoy the now and don't worry so much about tomorrow. Real change will happen in 2-5 year pockets of life. Stay the course and you'll see real change.

Marketing Manager in Boulder:
"Embrace Change."
Large corporations, particularly in IT, are moving quickly to a more efficient, more automated, more cost-effective business model wherever possible. This results in frequent changes to the organization. Embrace change as a constant. Plan for various scenarios with and for your team. Be positive. Be a leader - or you will get left behind.

Marketing Manager in Chicago:
"Be a strong woman and stand up!"
Have integrity at all times.

Marketing Manager in Irvine:
"Keep up with changing technology."
Keep abreast of all changing technologies; learn as much as possible about digital marketing and always improve leadership skills so that you don't become stale.

Marketing Manager in Los Angeles:
"Interesting place."
You will make your own work. No one is going to help you or give you responsibilities. Can be tough if that is not what you like.

Marketing Manager in San Diego:
"Salary positions require a lot of additional overtime."