Marketing Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Marketing Manager in Las Vegas:
"All you can do is the job you've been given."
Be persistent, follow up, stick your ground and be passionate about the mission.

Marketing Manager in Minneapolis:
"Find a career mentor."
Understand the vision and goals of the organization.

Marketing Manager in Dallas:
"Project Management is Time Management."
Be prepared to work on multiple projects at once, and have the ability to switch tasks promptly without losing your place. Have an organized strategy of accomplishing each step of each task, and be sure to track each step in order to properly reflect and review your processes. Be prepared to push deadlines and be flexible when planning events and promotions on an as needed basis, per the status of the construction timelines. Ensure you have setup checks and balances for yourself to ensure project details do not fall through the cracks and the content that is published is constantly audited due to the frequency of changing information. Don't hesitate to take a moment and step back, and take a deep breath. You cannot be successful in this position if you are running at 110% all of the time. Use down time to talk to important roles from other departments to have a full understanding of what they are experiencing, and it will help you predict what changes might be coming down the pipe.

Marketing Manager in St. Louis:
"You are in charge of your own career."
You are in charge of your own career.

Marketing Manager in Boise City:
"Specialized knowledge is how to get your start in marketing."
Read how to win friends and Influence People right away. Learn to lead with questions instead of directives. Never stop learning. Read constantly.

Marketing Manager in Cranston:
"Change is the only constant."
There is no secret to what drives today's lines of communication. It's technology. Being able to plan to adapt is perhaps the best advice I could offer.

Marketing Manager in Washington:
"Learn About the Company."
It's important to build relationships with internal staff and the interested public, but always keep an eye on the success of the company as well.