Massage Therapist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Massage Therapist?

Massage Therapist in Sacramento:
"Want 2 imorove my business."
Pros: not a lot&/ i want to move/ travel
Cons: i been here forever dont feel progress

Massage Therapist in Birmingham:
"I feel like a robot and a number."
Pros: It's a clean and safe environment to work in with consistent work and decent pay.
Cons: The pay is uneven, the raises are discriminatory toward people who cannot work full time. There aren't any benefits offered to part-time employees nor paid time off. To take off from work, you have to find people to cover your shift and pick up shifts without any choice. There is barely any employee recognition, no growth within the company, and a lack of comradery amongst some of the employees at some of the clinics.

Massage Therapist in Gunnison:
"Massage and Healthcare."
Pros: Respect from the staff
Cons: Salary

Massage Therapist in Portland:
Pros: Lots of options
Cons: Crowded

Massage Therapist in Canyon Country:
Pros: Flexible hours and days
Cons: Low tips