Master Scheduler Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Master Scheduler?

Master Scheduler:
Great Company, just be sure you know which manager you are going to work for. Good Benefits. Flexible Working Hours. Austin Speed is the best. President listens to his employees. Good Espirit de core. Can do attitudes 98% of employees. Pay is comensurate with work expected. Relaxed Professional Environment.

Master Scheduler in Riverside:
"Easy commute."
Pros: Low hustle and bustle
Cons: No complaints

Master Scheduler in San Diego:
"Sunny with a chance of fake."
Pros: The area
Cons: The people

Master Scheduler in San Diego:
"Nice whether."
Pros: Pay
Cons: Cost

Master Scheduler in Abbeville:
"Thorough knowledge of all projects."
Pros: Self managed. Insight to projects. Management support.
Cons: Project managers are less likely to follow the system put in place.

Master Scheduler in Boise:
"Production Planner."
Pros: What I enjoy most about my job is working alongside great people.
Cons: Poor organizational structure and systems.

Master Scheduler in Appleton:
"I dislike working in Appleton (aka Crappleton)"
Pros: Appleton as a whole would be okay to visit. Small doses of Appleton are better than living there.
Cons: While I dislike my job, that is not why I am overly critical of Appleton, WI. It's the landscape of the entire Fox Valley Area. A valley is known as an area between hills or mountains. Well there are no hills or mountains to be seen. Even off in the far distance. Nothing, but a huge vast area of flat, flat, flat terrain. I lived in NC for a handful of years (which was also very flat), but at least there were trees, and the ocean (with beaches). Appleton has very few trees, nor any functional beaches... Ultimately, if you're like me and enjoy the scenery around you, than Appleton, WI is not the place for you!