Materials Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Materials Manager?

Materials Manager in New Haven:
"Great place to work."
Pros: Multicultural
Cons: Nothing

Materials Manager in Troy:
"Materials Manager."
Be prepared to feel as though you are in control of an out of control train!

Materials Manager in Macon:
Pros: Close to home EASY drive back and forth to work.
Cons: Having to deal with a young manager that is learning as they go.

Materials Manager in San Diego:
"Beautiful place to live."
Pros: The weather is beautiful and we are close to the beach.
Cons: The commute can be very discouraging and the cost of living.

Materials Manager in Fredericksburg:
"Work is Good."
Pros: There are plenty of things to do in the area.
Cons: Traffic in this area is much worse than it should be for the number of people who live here.

Materials Manager in Blacksburg:
"College town atmosphere."
Pros: Because of it being located in the same town as Virginia Tech there is an advantage of the town being more modern with a different feel than the surrounding area. The education system is reported to be excellent from elementary to high school and continues to grow in opportunity. The town continues to expand, but attempts to keep a local feel to it and avoids larger businesses coming in.
Cons: The college students at times can make it feel a bit overwhelming when trying to go out for dinner or get across town depending on what is happening. Students tend to come for education and then leave for other areas. This means the work force is not typically bolstered with younger talent and tends to more of n old guard mentality.

Materials Manager in Folsom:
"Materials Management."
Hire strong energetic people. Communicate often. Be involved, but avoid micro-managing.