Mechanical Design Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Mechanical Design Engineer?

Mechanical Design Engineer:
Boeing is a fantastic place to work as an engineer. Benefits and pay are excellent. The work is challenging and the opportunity for advancement exists to a great degree. A great place to work in general.

Mechanical Design Engineer in West Palm Beach:
"Hard work in paradise."
Pros: Great weekend activities and weather.
Cons: Local work force still very serious about the job

Mechanical Design Engineer in Plymouth:
"Nice place to work."
Pros: Plymouth itself is a nice area. I haven't been able to see a lot of it yet since I just started working here. The highways to plymouth have recently been redone so driving to work in the morning is no problem.
Cons: It's still a 45 minute drive to work. Which isn't too bad but I'd prefere a shorter drive.

Mechanical Design Engineer:
Pay and benefits package is sub par. Corporate culture does not promote or reward quality or innovative work. Managers stick together in cliques and promotion doesn't seem merit based, but instead who you are friends with. Small company going through growing pains of becoming larger. The biggest plus that Dynamic Aviation had going for them, the fact that you really didn't feel like a number, is well on its way out. Turnover rate is very high due to above mentioned reasons, mainly pay. Corporate-Level Operations leadership and HR treat employment like a war of attrition. They will pretty much hire anybody on the maintenance side because so many ppositions are always opening up. They are more selective with pilots, but pilot turnover rate is high as well.

Mechanical Design Engineer in Greensboro:
"Lovely place to live."
Pros: I love living in Greensboro. It's a lovely place to live with lots of various fun activities to be done, from hiking to visiting breweries to eating at good restaurants. My commute has little traffic.
Cons: It's farther from my family than I'd like.

Mechanical Design Engineer in Loveland:
"Great place."
Pros: The atmosphere here is wonderful.
Cons: Highly Dependent on economic conditions.

Mechanical Design Engineer in Vadodara (Baroda):
"First job."
Pros: Culturally rich, good people, less crowded then metro but fun to live. It's my first job, learnt a lot, found my real interest.
Cons: Not getting opportunities to work in core technical interest area but something little closer to it. Also I feel that I'm paid less.