Mechanical Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Mechanical Designer?

Mechanical Designer in Rockford:
"Give Rockford a Chance."
Pros: Companies respect hard work and results. If you can prove it they will reward you and hold onto you. Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee all an hour drive away. Some really good people in the area who are now friends for life.
Cons: Parts of the community are really rough and seem to want to drag the town through the mud. Hopefully some strong community volunteer and focus on the less fortunate can turn this around, and make Rockford a great city again.

Mechanical Designer in Tustin:
"The management."
Pros: I am able to take on my own projects and see them from beginning to end. I feel that I am growing a lot and learning a lot.
Cons: The company is understaffed, and because of that there are times where I have to put in extra hours to get work done. My boss is also pretty busy and doesn't set aside much time whenever I need to go over things with him.

Mechanical Designer in Cleveland:
"Career opportunities, health care, retirement."
Reach companies and the position that you are inquiring about.

Mechanical Designer in Seattle:
"Petty politics."
Coordinate with users (customer)

Mechanical Designer in Houston:
"Excellent field of study."
Pros: The perks were great and the environment was useful.
Cons: Oil field lay offs are the worst.

Mechanical Designer in Groveland:
"Get a degree."
Without an associate or bachelor's degree there is no upward mobility.

Mechanical Designer in Seattle:
"CATIA Mechanical Designer."
Pros: Can work early mornings from 6 to 3:30 which helps to beat the rush hour traffic.
Cons: Management is very stressful on every worker, co-workers have cussing habits, co-workers have sexual misconduct habits, blaming others. They watch you at work and make you work hard all day, but don't appreciate your knowledge in how you make them money, while they talk about everything but their work most of the time. President makes you feel small and hates that you have certifications or any kind of education. The President makes fun of the strongest, most productive at work, but rewards those who do nothing. I wore many hats there... MRO Buyer, CATIA Designer, Data Control and they still wanted me to learn other positions so that others did not have to work any. When people left from there, they would not hire anyone, you have to take on their position also. There is not much I can say good about this company.