Mechanical Engineer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Mechanical Engineer in Portland:
"Keep Learning."
Always try to learn new things. Never say, "That's not my job." Focus on solving the problem at hand, not the blame.

Mechanical Engineer in Houston:
"Own Your Career."
No one will provide a career path for you, you have to be proactive in developing your skills and reputation.

Mechanical Engineer in Fridley:
"Work the adventure."
Exceed the expectation whenever possible try to deliver a positive wow factor once in a while.

Mechanical Engineer in San Jose:
"Companies to Work for."
Choose a larger company to start you career. And try to stay with it.

Mechanical Engineer in Hampton:
"Find your interest and define your path."
I work for a small company. The proverbial ball is never definitively handed to you, you need to find it and develop the game around it. Make sure that whatever "game" you develop will balance your interests, hone your skills, provide a surmountable challenge, and steer you in the career direction you want.

Mechanical Engineer in Las Vegas:
"Focus on capabilities and work for good people."
Even when facing limited opportunities, take the risk of lower wages for the opportunity to work for people who will help you learn.

Mechanical Engineer in State College:
"Consider all your options."
Go to a small, reputable school. Get involved in school activities. Get hands on experience. Don't become a (mechanical) engineer for: money; if you're an introvert; if you're afraid to get your hands dirty; if you don't enjoy continual learning.