Medical Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Medical Assistant in New London:
"Do what you want to do because you can do it."
Work hard and don't worry if you get something wrong just try again.

Medical Assistant in Athens:
"No certification at time of graduation."
Pay is low. Go for LPN program.

Medical Assistant in Dallas:
"No financial increase with hard work and time."
Gain every skill including billing codes etc.

Medical Assistant in New York:
"Being a valued employee."
Don't be afraid to express to your employer what a true asset you really are.

Medical Assistant in Gambrills:
"Daily Struggle."
Do not bring outside drama into the work field. If you do not like your coworkers just remember you are here for a paycheck and to be happy with your career. Ignore the ignorance.

Medical Assistant in Hattiesburg:
Think long and hard about this type of work. You are treated like a slave by nurses who are above you.

Medical Assistant in Katy:
Keep going to school.and become an RN if you truly enjoy what you do and want worthy compensation.