Medical Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Medical Assistant in Montgomery:
"This career is a very great career."
Get certified in all areas of medical assistanting.

Medical Assistant in Fresno:
Don't stop your education.

Medical Assistant in Medford:
"Soft Spot."
Make sure you have empathy, patience, understanding, warmth, multi-tasking skills along with clinical skills to be optimal in your position.

Medical Assistant in Opelika:
"Muskoskeletal care for all ages."
Make sure tools are ready to use and working properly. Always stay motivated due to the stress level perks.

Medical Assistant in Orlando:
"Look to grow."
Always try to continue your education.

Medical Assistant in Oklahoma City:
"Being Honest And Accurate And Putting The Patients First."
Always be courteous to the patients and be accurate with everything in the medical field it is very important.

Medical Assistant in Detroit:
Love what you do don't just do it for the money.