Medical Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Medical Assistant in Bend:
"My Salary."
What the level of advancements are offered or is it better to continue ones education.

Medical Assistant in Flushing:
"Good salary, insurance."
I Am very responsible person I Am good worker I love my job I Do vital, check weight ,hight, temperature , phlebotomy , Inj's, shots, ABI Doppler , prepare pt, for medical clearance and more .....

Medical Assistant in Austin:
Investigate what current MA's are making because I was told completely wrong when I started out.

Medical Assistant in Houston:
"Waste Of Time And Money!"
Do NOT pick this type of job as long term career path. It does not pay enough and you are over worked and under paid.

Medical Assistant in Springfield:
"Rewarding Job."
Continue your career path and learn as much now as possible as a medical assistant then follow on to become a RN.

Medical Assistant in Virginia:
"There Are More Responsibilities That Are Being Passed On."
Being a medical assistant has it flaws I guess depending on where you at will make all the difference. Overall if people would work together where I work at things would be a lot better the Clinicans do not like to get clients signatures that have been seeing. And they expect the Medical Assistant to obtained those signatures for them. There are 2 medical assistants in this office and we have a total of close to 400 charts on our caseload.

Medical Assistant in Sugar Land:
"What Other Employees Were Being Paid."
Entry level medical assistants minimum hourly wage should be at least 12.00 per hour.