Medical Assistant (Certified) Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant (Certified)?

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Greenville:
Learn a routine. Show kindness and respect. It's good to adjust to each patient's character.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Baton Rouge:
"Great job, bad pay."
I love being a medical assistant. I love the patient interaction and helping them. It's hard work, fast pace and you learn a lot. You work harder than the RN and LPN but get paid much less.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Tampa:
"There are no oppurunities to progress."
Go straight into LNP or RN.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Dayton:
Pros: Working with patients.
Cons: Working with incompetent people.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Minneapolis:
"Ever Growing."
Pros: Learning new things, Helping others, Co-workers!
Cons: Hours, Workload.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Killeen:
"The life of a CMA."
Pros: I love helping people and educating about different types of pain and was to help them.
Cons: Poor management.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Greensboro:
"Love the work."
Pros: I love the hours. I like being in the medical field and helping people. It is great experience if you want to keep moving forward in the health field.
Cons: It's a stressful and underpaid field.