Medical Assistant (Certified) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Assistant (Certified)?

Medical Assistant (Certified) in West Orange:
Pros: I love what I do. I love working with people and I learn new things everyday. Which is beneficial to me. I also like the people I work with.
Cons: I feel as if the staff, and I'm saying staff because we all feel the same, feels under appreciated for what we do and are underpaid for what we do and cost of living is high. Also the traveling is a lot. They send you far despite where you live.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Flagstaff:
"Patient Care."
Since working with the company I have been very busy. Starting up the Prenatal services has kept me extremely busy. Patient care is my main focus. I like my job and I like to see my patients happy when they walk out.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Lake Elsinore:
"My Elsinore Experience."
Pros: What I love about working in Lake Elsinore is the atmosphere here at A+ Urgent Care. I truly think we are a family that functions like a well oiled machine. I have a very flexible schedule, paid lunch hours, and a nicely paced work day.
Cons: The only bad thing I have experienced is the commute I have each day from Riverside and then back.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Detroit:
Pros: Serving the less fortunate.
Cons: We aren't given the best tools to work with.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Pompano Beach:
Pros: Meeting new patients, the triage and different case situation. The vitamin infusions, Phlebotomy.
Cons: The paper work.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Roseville:
"Semi restricted work environment."
Pros: Helping the patients, resolving issues for the patients, obtaining referrals and authorizations.
Cons: Not being allowed to move up or use all of my training.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Cincinnati:
"Certified Medical Assistant."
Pros: I enjoy working with a diverse population of patients.
Cons: How close we are located to a part of town that seems to have quite a bit of violence.