Medical Assistant (Certified) Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Greenville:
Learn a routine. Show kindness and respect. It's good to adjust to each patient's character.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Baton Rouge:
"Great job, bad pay."
I love being a medical assistant. I love the patient interaction and helping them. It's hard work, fast pace and you learn a lot. You work harder than the RN and LPN but get paid much less.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Tampa:
"There are no oppurunities to progress."
Go straight into LNP or RN.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Birmingham:
"Occupational Medical Assistant."
I enjoy working as a Medical Assistant in the industry setting. The benefits, and pay are excellent.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Bayport:
"On feet whole shift, Complications, multi-multi tasking."
Be one step ahead, be real organized, always clean & stocked up. Everyday you learn something new.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Dayton:
"Medical terminology!"
To continue your education, RN or train in a specialty field.

Medical Assistant (Certified) in Mill Valley:
Go for a higher education in the medical field. If helping people in the health care industry is your career goal being a CMA is not lucrative. For 22 years I have been a CMA I have lived paycheck to paycheck. It's very difficult to save on the salary. Going for a nursing degree is, of course much more costly, time consuming and intellectually challenging but your opportunities will be plentiful, pay will be much higher with increasing raises as your career progresses and your duties become more abundant compared to a CMA. If you get your certification for medical assisting look for a job in plastics, derm or any medical specialty that makes it's bulk of revenue by services not covered by insurance. I have enjoyed my work but looking back (22 yrs) I wish I had pushed myself harder to get into a nursing program.