Medical Billing Specialist Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Billing Specialist?

Medical Billing Specialist in Jacksonville:
"Things aren't always as they seem..."
You learn how to do your job on the job. No school can prepare you for a medical billing position. Everyday has New challenges and every doctor is different.

Medical Billing Specialist in 46383:
Pros: The managers are fantastic and the flexibility if I need time off and the other staff. It's a good work environment.
Cons: Owners never acknowledge the work that the staff does for their business. We don't feel appreciated by the doctors who own the practice.

Medical Billing Specialist in Los Angeles:
Pros: Great benefits. Friendly environment.
Cons: Monotonous work. Poor manager.

Medical Billing Specialist in Austin:
"Medical Billing."
HIPAA Sucks.

Medical Billing Specialist in Fort Smith:
"Saving Money."
Pros: Researching all federal regulations to see who pays. Saving the company money.
Cons: Vendors who do not know how to Bill.

Medical Billing Specialist in 66213:
"Stress Level Crazy!"
Pros: Love the problem solving!
Cons: Do like the low pay for doing multiple jobs. I do all the Insurance, accounting, billing and work the front desk.

Medical Billing Specialist in Hopkins:
"More about the company."
Look into the company, bonus, and also the complete job duties. I am on phones asking incoming calls from patients, as well as calling insurance, and a variety of other things.