Medical Coder Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Coder?

Medical Coder in Hinsdale:
"In Breif."
Get as much experience as you can.

Medical Coder in Decatur:
"Attention to detail."
Follow your guidelines, and always double check your work!

Medical Coder in Martinsburg:
"Continue Learning."
The more you know the more confident you will be in your code selections.

Medical Coder in Fort Worth:
Pros: Working from home.
Cons: Not getting help when needed.

Medical Coder in Myrtle Beach:
"N A."
Have some kind of medical office experience.. IE front desk, MA etc before jumping into Medical coding because jobs are NOT easily found due to the lack of experience.

Medical Coder in Elmira:
Pros: The atmosphere, the people are nice, but a lot of the time there is confusion and misconceptions.
Cons: The Pay Scale.

Medical Coder in Salt Lake City:
"Interesting work and a great manager!"
Pros: Our manager is great!
Cons: Desk job requires sitting all day every day. No opportunity for exercise built into the job requirements.