Medical Laboratory Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Laboratory Technician?

Medical Laboratory Technician in Bremerton:
"Brem Working."
Pros: The weather.
Cons: Prices are too high.

Medical Laboratory Technician in Richmond Hill:
"I serve family members and retirees of all branches of the m."
Pros: I work 5 days a week in a very laid back small city 12 miles to Savannah GA,
Cons: Nothing negative.

Medical Laboratory Technician in Salt Lake City:
Be careful about the company you work for.....some companies are really good about "spinning" their reputation as great but are a pain to work for in real life. Excellence is great but when you are beaten down until you have no confidence and only are told the negative things you do instead of the myriad of things you do right it can make a toxic environment. Your responsibility at this job includes running tests and QC. Documentation of results and QC performed and interpretation of results.

Medical Laboratory Technician in Bonham:
Pros: Coworkers, improvements made to the hospital.
Cons: Traffic/ commute. Inability to leave to get food due to staffing.

Medical Laboratory Technician in Phoenix:
"Looking for happiness and the chance to utilize my skills."
Pros: Nothing. My children are the only reason for me staying here.
Cons: The atmosphere at work.

Medical Laboratory Technician in Trinidad:

Medical Laboratory Technician in Wetumpka:
"Laboratory Analysis is both intriguing and satisfying."
Pros: Aplying clinical and technical knowledge alongside intelligent and dedicated coworkers within a professional, well kept, and fairly comprehensive facility with the objective of improving the health of fellow humans.
Cons: As an urgent care facility, priority tends to be on addressing the patients ' foremost health complaint with quality, but also as fast as possible, which at times has compromised the necessary and accurate data the lab is responsible to furnish.