Medical Office Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Medical Office Manager in Geneva:
"Administration knew what every manager does."
Get proper training for your duties.

Medical Office Manager in Atlanta:
Work better , insert thinking in all processes.

Medical Office Manager in Bloomsburg:
"In charge of daily operations and employees."
To stay focused. Know how to prioritize and always be ready to problem solve.

Medical Office Manager in Grayling:
"Always changing in Healthcare."
Always be ready for change and always continue to learn.

Medical Office Manager in Arlington:
"Never A Pay Raise."
You will work long and hard. Don't ever count on a pay raise. Appreciation is rare.

Medical Office Manager in Lebanon:
"Need A College Degree To Be Promoted Beyond Office Manager."
Learn CPT/HCPC/ICD-9 coding well. Tack your success of collecting revenues. Make sure ratio of secretaries to caregivers is adequate. Create backup workers so you can take time off without needing to be contacted. Remember when you directly effect the bottom line (accounts receivable) you become more valuable.