Medical Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Receptionist?

Medical Receptionist in McKinleyville:
"Open Door Health."
Pros: Its close to my home
Cons: Not enough services in the immediate area

Medical Receptionist in Chicago:
Pros: Great public transport if working downtown
Cons: Nothing

Medical Receptionist in Staten Island:
"Its fine."
Pros: Everything is close
Cons: Rude people

Medical Receptionist in Jersey City:
"New ideas."
Pros: Everything
Cons: Commuting

Medical Receptionist in Wheat Ridge:
"Good place to work."
Pros: Work is very close to home
Cons: We are next to the interstate.

Medical Receptionist in Fairfield:
"Cost of Living."
Pros: Where I work, we help people and it is an absolute joy to see people that I know getting better and being able to do things on their own. I enjoy helping people that I know in all aspects of their healing. Even if it is just scheduling their appointment or just a friendly face to help get them through the next step.
Cons: Everyone knows everyone's business.

Medical Receptionist in Columbus:
"It's good, I'm by myself. I answer phones, coordinate care."
Pros: I like that I am by myself, I don't really have to worry about work drama.
Cons: My pay is not that much, I do a lot of work for such little pay.