Medical Transcriptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Transcriptionist?

Medical Transcriptionist in Goldsboro:
"Goldsboro, NC."
Pros: Close to home. Good community.
Cons: No potential for advancement.

Medical Transcriptionist in Upland:
"Take a course in different languages."
You really have to discipline yourself when working at home. Try in-house for first five years, then home. Too many distractions at home, friends, kids, interruptions, many of them.

Medical Transcriptionist in Munster:
"What people are really like."
Focus on you and your job. No one earns your paycheck but you.

Medical Transcriptionist in San Diego:
"It's a job."
Pros: Work remotely.
Cons: Unfair pay "grid" and what you make per hour differs every week. Paid less now than 15 years ago. Penalized for bad dictators/poor audio. Minor errors can cut your pay by hundreds per week.