Mental Health Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Mental Health Technician?

Mental Health Technician in Fremont:
"It’s okay as far as the workers are okay. The job is hard job if you don’t know how to deal with the patients."
Pros: The experience and learning.
Cons: The pay and medical benefits are horrible. Also, I live in Solano County so the commute is also horrible. I live 1 hour away.

Mental Health Technician:
I love the Bowen center. I do feel that positions are giving to people that don't have the educational credentials. It is heartbreaking that such great company look over people with degrees for people who don't.

Mental Health Technician in Modesto:
"Average mid sized city atmosphere."
Pros: The convenience of being close to several attractions and resources.
Cons: The crime and inavility to move up in my job because there are not enough administrative positions in my field of study.

Mental Health Technician in Manassas:
Pros: Close to wear I live & not overly congested
Cons: Salaries for jobs aren't that high

Mental Health Technician in Salt Lake City:
I wish that I would know that the pay was not going to be better.

Mental Health Technician in Atlanta:
Keep optimistic, and do not become content.