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Q: What is it like working as a Merchandiser at The Home Depot Inc.?

Merchandiser in Augusta, Georgia:
"Lack of Innovation and Organization."
Pros: Being right when I call out upper management's bad decisions.
Cons: Everything. Low effort workers litter the environment making more work for whoever comes upon the situation last. Lack of organization overall (Never finding stock in appropriate locations, lack of cosolidation of work projects, no forethought put in by upper management)

Merchandiser in Eugene, Oregon:
Pros: Freedom from direct supervision
Cons: Dont get any recognition

Pay was okay. Nothing that special. Being paid commission gets really worrisome sometimes when you have to work over 16 hours, (which happens more often than you think). Work life balance, there is none. Want to plan something after you get off work? Spare yourself the disappointment and don't. It's a job where you don't leave until you're finished and they can't control what happens to you out there. So far as management, everyone is polite but the majority of the time when they tell you that they're making changes to better accommodate their employees, it either takes a lot longer than they tell you (so they can defuse the situation) or it doesn't happen at all.

Merchandiser in Carmel:
"High pressure."
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Volume and pressure