Merchandiser Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Merchandiser?

Merchandiser in Concord:
Be prompt, professional and accountable.

Merchandiser in Vincennes:
"I enjoy my job and it makes you appreciate true labor!"
Pros: The satisfaction of knowing you helped make things look nicer.
Cons: The inconsistency of jobs.

Merchandiser in Chino:
"Working here sucks."
Pros: Not stressful, lots of downtime, good team.
Cons: Terrible pay and benefits, frequent overtime without compensation, have to pay for medical, dental, and vision insurances, not challenging, minimal learning or career advancement opportunities, dead-end field.

Merchandiser in Tampa:
"Work Smarter not harder."
Pros: There is always Something different to do everyday.
Cons: Redoing things that are not logical.

Merchandiser in Perryton Texas:
Pros: Weekends off.
Cons: The pay for amount of work performed.

Merchandiser in Montgomery:
"Coke Life."
Pros: Working at Coca Cola is benevolent your exposed to an atmosphere of both sales and micromanagement. Corporate culture is much like voluntary servitude everyone is out for themselves that makes the job extremely stressful. The Sales support team are extremely close and that makes the difference, Their family oriented, conservative not to mention poorly trained. We receive discount at hotel and theme parks, sporting event, airlines phones.

Merchandiser in Dayton:
"Just ok."
Pros: Independent work.
Cons: On call all day. Work every other day, no full weekend off.