Middle School Teacher Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Middle School Teacher?

Middle School Teacher in Deltona:
"Teaching Is Fun."
You need patience for students and adults.

Middle School Teacher in San Diego:
"Things to do."
Pros: San Diego has a great deal of outdoor options.
Cons: The city could be much more dynamic.

Middle School Teacher in Sturgis:
"Sturgis SD."
Pros: It is a very small school. You get to know just about everybody, from students to staff to community members.
Cons: Sturgis is an extremely conservative community.

Middle School Teacher in New Rochelle:
"Professional Development."
Stay current in the field.

Middle School Teacher in New York:
"Middle School Teacher."
Pros: Great coworkers and community, creative job.
Cons: Long hours, stress level, consistency among administrators and colleagues.

Middle School Teacher in Dacula:
"Well prepared and always ready."
Interpersonal skills and get to know students.

Middle School Teacher in Rockford:
You need to listen to the students and value their opinion. Forcing them in to a curriculum is useless. You need to form a curriculum around their needs and wants in adolescence. Follow the child.