Network Administrator Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Network Administrator in Chicago:
"Life Of A Network Admin At A Small Community Bank."
A network administrator starting their career at a small community bank will not realize that working in such an environment is much slower than working in a larger organization that is situated in the downtown or business center area of their respective town. Although work is not as fast-paced it does bring with it the ability to take on many more tasks and projects than your peers at larger organizations because usually these small communities will have a smaller staff on hand meaning you will have more responsibilities and not be placed in a niche area of your expertise. I deal, on a day to day basis, with network administration, help desk duties, database administration, administration of our virtual server infrastructure, bank-related reporting as well as bank-related customer facing application administration. Many times I have to deal with customers over the phone as a sort of Level 2 or 3 tier support person in the event support itself is unable to resolve the issue.

Network Administrator in Wenona:
"Career Path."
Room for advancement.

Network Administrator in San Antonio:
"Know switches."
Learn ios inside and out.

Network Administrator in Bellingham:
"Make Sure You Have An Interest In It."
This may seem obvious, but don't choose Network Administration for the wrong reasons. I chose it because it seemed like a growing field which would provide reliable employment with fairly good pay, but I wasn't especially in love with it. Now, I'm 42 and have lost all passion for the job. This may have more to do with my personality, my environment, my life changes, or a combination of those, but I can't help but think that I wasn't all that passionate about it when I began, so this should be no surprise. Mark me down as one of those people who never actually figured out what they want to be when they grow up. Good luck finding your passion!

Network Administrator in Fort Myers:
"Listen To The Advice Of The Person Who Worked At The Company."
Always think outside the box and keep the big picture in sight. Never jump to conclusions and always evaluate all options before carefully choosing the course of action.