Network Engineer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Network Engineer?

Network Engineer in Schaumburg:
"US Cellular is Great."
US Cellular is a fantastic employer, I am very pleased with how the company treats its employees.

Network Engineer in Dallas:
Always be willing to learn emerging technologies. IT is fast paced and if you're not staying ahead, you're falling behind.

Network Engineer in Gaithersburg:
"Have multiple streams of income."
Be open to other non-traditional opportunities outside of the IT Industry.

Network Engineer in Minneapolis:
"Don't give up - Never surrender."
The best way to learn is by breaking stuff. If everything always works the first time around then you are just doing things by the book and it makes it harder to go into a messed up situation and resolve problems.

Network Engineer in Chantilly:
"Decent company."
Pros: Panama shift schedule means days off while others are working, enabling for personal errands to be done while others are working. Friendly managers, working environment is satisfactory.
Cons: I have been promised multiple training and certification opportunities, only to never receive them. Each promise is made when I begin looking for a new company to work for, by now it seems a ploy just to keep me where I am.

Network Engineer in Woodlawn:
"Corporate culture."
Cons: The payment.

Network Engineer in Atlanta:
"Communication Commissioning Engineer."
Pros: Love the opportunity to travel world-wide. I love that I get to do what I went back to school to learn; working with routers and switches, and making sure the network does its job by communicating to all devices as specified. I meet all kinds of people to work with on projects, whom I learn from.
Cons: Sometimes there are delays that impact my work. There can be down time between assignments.