Nurse's Aide (Certified) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Nurse's Aide (Certified)?

Nurse's Aide (Certified) in Tulsa:
Pros: Commute expenses are low.

Nurse's Aide (Certified) in Buffalo:
Pros: Personal. Fast paced. Day goes by quickly.
Cons: 24 hour facility. Understaffed. Incontinence care.

Nurse's Aide (Certified) in Corpus Christi:
Always have the compassion and love for the elderly.

Nurse's Aide (Certified) in Bowling Green:
"Finding Work."
Pros: The town is large enough to hold many different employment opportunities and small enough to get to work in a decent time.
Cons: The town is quickly becoming college based and as such does not allow alot of room for growth or advancement for anyone who is not in college currently.

Nurse's Aide (Certified) in Madrid:
Pros: Close to home and I love the staff.
Cons: Some of the staff I work with ect.

Nurse's Aide (Certified) in Farmington:
Pros: The residents and colleges are great to work with.
Cons: Never staff properly and it drives me crazy.

Nurse's Aide (Certified) in Dallas:
"Very easy to get attached."
You have to be a loving person and love what you do to become a cna.