Nursing Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Nursing Assistant?

Nursing Assistant:
Love the company flexible of scheduling a shift work when you want to amd at any facility in there Network and the friendly staff Great pay and the next day payment thank you AMP for being here in Ohio.

Nursing Assistant in Tuscaloosa:
Pros: The people that I have meet.
Cons: Unfair wages and adding more work responsibilities but not compensated for it.

Nursing Assistant in Indianapolis:
Be reliable and kind and give the absolute best care possible one day you might be in the same situation.

Nursing Assistant in Charleston:
Get your RN License as fast as you can. The only two differences between an RN an assistant is the pay grade and the ability to deliver the medication. Other than that the job is essentially the same.

Nursing Assistant in Perth Amboy:
"Transfer of LICENSE state to state requirement."
Have patience, caring attitude, listen to the needs of others from all backgrounds,& most important be a good listener to the needs of family members.

Nursing Assistant in Toledo:
"OK I it can be stressful."
Pros: It's a small city.
Cons: The commute is long to get to.

Nursing Assistant in Charleston:
"Looking for a place in that area."
Work as hard as you can give food patient care always go above and beyond help others out on your down time be a team player at all times be responsible on all accounts be early never be late nursing assistant is very hard work sit down talk to your patients and their needs.