Office Clerk, General Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Office Clerk, General in New Delhi:
"Think Better Act Fast."
Dear Sir/Mam I advice to office Clerk, General Please take Technical Knowledge or Surch same good Company not Baniya type or Apply Government jobs for Batter Future. If you Received Chance working MNC Company Please Don't go anywhere Laga Rahi. Thanks.

Office Clerk, General in Atlanta:
"No chance for a raise."
Ask for the salary you deserve.

Office Clerk, General in Annapolis:
"Moving Up."
I wish I knew there was no room for expanding my position.

Office Clerk, General in Chattanooga:
"Do Your Best At Anything You Do."
Have an open mind for learning new skills. Be patient and do your best.

Office Clerk, General in Minneapolis:
"I Believe In Finding A Job Position On Your Own Is Much More Satisfying"
I do believe that you can not judge a person's job quality or qualifications could be determined within two weeks. All companies have their own process on how to do their projects. Give everyone a fair chance within reason.

Office Clerk, General in Puyallup:
"Quality Service - Excellent Organization."
Have excellent customer service skills. The public, the student body, faculty and staff are all your customers. Second most important function is the use of Microsoft Office Professional. Know Word, Excel and PowerPoint thoroughly. You must be organized; especially on the computer directory.