Office Coordinator Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Office Coordinator in Seattle:
"Know your employer."
The very nature of this job is to be interrupted. The phone, clients, the boss(s) the workers will all need you throughout the day. There is rarely a "down time" meaning you are always on, always busy, and expected to drop what you are doing to take on another task that has been deemed "more important" unless you can justify why what you are doing takes priority. You are the hub of the office. You are the "go to" for information. You are the keeper of all knowledge regarding the office and organization. You keep the office running so everyone else can do what their jobs are. Customer service is key to both your coworkers and the clients. While you are the most important in the functioning of the office, you are the least on the "totem pole" depending on your boss. You are a revenue spender, not a revenue generator. Always spend what you are budgeted and make certain you have input when the next year's budget.

Office Coordinator in Baltimore:
"That I Would Be Considered An Essential Employee."
Learn as much as you can, know your job, have back-up paper work for task, email corresponds and learn as much as you can.

Office Coordinator in Parsippany:
"Work ethic."
Maintained a high level of work.

Office Coordinator in Wyomissing:
"That The Small Company Would Be Sold To A Larger Company."
Be the best you can be and keep the lines of communication open with bosses.

Office Coordinator in Bristol:
This is a very demanding field. Alot of multi tasking, getting a routine to help excel in this field. Extreme memory attention will help because of the several diffrent task at once.