Office Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in Denton:
"Organization and Efficiancy."
Get organized and stay that way. Make lists and prioritize. This will keep stress to a minimum and help you stay on track while remaining positive and helpful to those who need your assistance.

Office Manager in Sacramento:
"Being a "team player" is absolutely critical."
Understand that we all think differently. Different things motivate different people. Get to know those you manage so you can "speak their language" effectively.

Office Manager in Provo:
"Undisclosed Responsibilities."
Find out if the company has a cleaning service or if you will be expected to do the "woman's work" of cleaning the bathrooms etc.

Office Manager in New York:
"Casual culture, work flexibility, great co workers,"

Office Manager in Concord:
"How hard it would be to get a raise."
Get something in writing if possible.

Office Manager in Bowling Green:
"Yearly raises."
Always get a contract that includes yearly raises.

Office Manager in Murray:
"An accumulation of many jobs."
Pros: This job has presented unending opportunity to learn about management and monetary strategy.
Cons: Being delegates work outside of my job description, rather than hiring more help.