Office Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Office Manager in Sacramento:
"Time management is critical."
Managing time is a very important aspect of running a successful insurance agency.

Office Manager in Greenwood:
"Just what I expected."
Get organized. Listen to manager/owner.

Office Manager in Memphis:
"Having enough help."
Do not get to be friends with employees under you. Keep it all professional.

Office Manager in Fort Worth:
Get a degree. Formal education and training Is a big help.

Office Manager in Northborough:
"Many jobs in one."
Always smile and stay positive no matter how stressful it can be. We all work together for the same goal. Keep up with learning new office software, laws and certifications.

Office Manager in Cedar Rapids:
"Maintain composure."
The day can be stressful, don't take it too seriously!

Office Manager in Brecksville:
"My advice."
I'm only doing this to get the free report.