Office Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Office Manager in Baltimore:
"It does not matter how hard you work."
Stay within the job description because doing extra work to get noticed is not compensated.

Office Manager in Elizabeth:
"Plan Ahead."
Prepare yourself for major changes.

Office Manager in Yuma:
"More about behavioral health."

Office Manager in Sarasota:
"Employee Turnover Rate."
Continue to learn new processes and methods.

Office Manager in Cleveland:
"How little I would be valued."
Be a straight shooter on what you expect from management and expect the same from them.

Office Manager in Royal Oak:
"Be able to do a little bit of everything."
Make sure you can type accurately. Being an accountant helps with invoicing and the bookkeeping. Be ready for anything, any day. Being flexible sure helps.Filing and being organized is very important.

Office Manager in Washington:
"Average salary range."
Never sell yourself short.