Office Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Office Manager in Clinton:
"Stress levels."
Be emotionless with boss and tenants and just do the job.

Office Manager in South San Francisco:
"No to take things personally!"
Be friendly but firm!

Office Manager in Provo:
"I would be running the office...long hours."

Office Manager in Maryville:
"Learn How to Say NO!"
Get all work requirements in writing and all perks in writing. Get everything in writing.

Office Manager in Ann Arbor:
"What does this have to do with MY salary, why does my gender."
This is suppose to be MY review.

Office Manager in Lewisville:
"Manager, Counselor, Teacher, Mentor."
This job is not just about figures and paperwork. It is about people and their lives being turned upside down. You become a mentor to those you work with, a teacher of not only tasks to employees, but a teacher of patience and understanding it is about something bigger than your job, an ear for the families to listen to their hurts and needs, and getting them information that is critical to their immediate well being.

Office Manager in Chicago:
"No abuse, no verbal promise of equity."