Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in Canton:
"I Enjoy My Work Very Much."
Pros: Office conditions, the owners, small business atmosphere, payroll.
Cons: I feel underpaid and cannot meet my personal responsibilities and no type of insurance.

Office Manager in Tampa:
"Busy Multi-Tasking Office Manager."
Pros: Busy, fast paced. Working with people (patients, employees) outside reps.
Cons: Work load outweighs hours in a day.

Office Manager in Conyers:
"Office Management."
Pros: I like doing administrative work and I enjoy working with my coworkers. Flexibility.
Cons: The pay and the fact that there are no benefits, perks or incentives. No raises but more work always being added. Also, the fact that no matter how long you are with the company you never get more than a week vacation.

Office Manager in Albuquerque:
"The People Here Are Great."
Pros: I like the people that I work with. We are all focused on similar goals, and are team oriented - for the most part. We have a casual office environment. My Managers are easy to talk to, and are very supportive of my decisions. Our office is very dynamic, and every day has new challenges and opportunities to learn something new. Never a dull moment! While my position is very stressful at times, we always pull through the hard times and have more good than bad.
Cons: I don't like it when certain tasks fall through the cracks when we let someone go. I work very hard to help cover all important task for positions that we do not have filled, but that can become overwhelming at times.

Office Manager in Chicago:
Pros: If the people you work with are kind and understanding it can be a joy to go to work. It's nice to know how much control you have as an office manager and how much trust your employers place in you. Plus it pays a lot better than most jobs newly graduated young adults find.
Cons: Dealing with lawyers can be incredibly stressful. Working in a small office (<5) can mean having to deal with a great deal of micro-managing and the workload falls entirely on the office manager's shoulders. There are a lot of weekend and night hours to get all the work done.

Office Manager in New York:
Pros: Normal pace environment. Relaxing. Low-medium stress level. Normal patient base. Somewhat flexible schedule.
Cons: Biased employer. Favoritism. Low pay. Exploitation. No benefits. No room for growth and advancement. Dead end career path.

Office Manager in Carson City:
"No equity in salaries between male and females."
Fight for equality in salaries.