Operations Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Director?

Operations Director in Waterbury:
"New to Waterbury."
Pros: Meeting and serving people.
Cons: Just started.

Operations Director in Houston:
"People person skills."
One must plan the use of human resources. Not only do you need to organize recruitment and placement of required staff but also establish the organizational structures for your business. Once you have faculty and staff you need to delegate tasks and accountability and establish work schedules. Most importantly you must supervise the faculty and staff and monitor and evaluate their performance.

Operations Director in Orlando:
Uou are only as good as the team you build.

Operations Director in Philadelphia:
"Learn Everyday."
Pros: Always something to learn.
Cons: Long, grueling hours.

Operations Director in Bloomington:
"Hours required."
Be flexible and listen to what your customers are saying.

Operations Director in Jacksonville:
"Figure Head."
Pros: Schedule flexibility, independency, work environment, investment experience and learning, compliance knowledge and hands on experience.
Cons: Being a figure head and not actually have power to accomplish the job you're assigned to do. Such a small team, it is easy to misinterpret your actual role and communications falls apart. Lack of leadership and operational structure from top management.

Operations Director in Atlanta:
Pros: Flexiable great owners.
Cons: Not much Bad.