Operations Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Operations Manager in Plano:
"Great job."
Notes work hard and show up for work positive outlook.

Operations Manager in Richmond:
True leadership starts with accountability.

Operations Manager in Lansdale:
"On deck 24/7."
In my position, You are available 24/7. A vacation is a bit of a break, but I still receive at least 2 phone calls, and a dozen e-mails a day. Despite all this, the job is satisfying.

Operations Manager in Rhinelander:
"Get all promises in writing."
Read the book the Way of the Shepherd on how to manage people.

Operations Manager in Seattle:
"Washington Industry Growth."
Washington State is setting a standard for the wine industry and competing with California in quality. Salaries and wages have not yet caught up but it is on the rise.

Operations Manager in Fort Wayne:
Hold your ground and don't allow your employees or customers decide what the company will accept. Fully understand the mechanical functions of an engine and don't rely on BS'ing your way through.

Operations Manager in Houston:
"Customers and vendors are not your friends, be professional."
Be patient with people and always keep their feelings in mind.