Operations Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Operations Manager in Orlando:
"Choose a path."
Learn all you can. Always be ethical, flexible and work hard.

Operations Manager in Tustin:
"Family Owned and Operated."
If you are working with a family member, at that point you are not family. You as the employee, although promised the world sitting around the family dinning table means nothing. Be sure to clearly outline all that is expected of each member and goals and future business. Make sure to get it in writing.

Operations Manager in Washington:
"The company needs to follow the pay rules of the market."
Do not settle for below market pay.

Operations Manager in Avenel:
"Educate yourself."
Always learn on the job make yourself an asset and not an excuse.

Operations Manager in Boston:
"Perception and Communication is Critical."
Perception is so important. You may have one opinion of how you're doing but your customer(s) may have a different opinion. Never assume, always ask for feedback. Being able to listen and learn from constructive feedback is a critical factor in success.

Operations Manager in Boston:
"Never Stop Learning."
Do not be afraid of constructive criticism. No one can improve unless they know where their opportunities are. It took me a while to get to the point where I was comfortable with this in my career. I consistently coach my direct reports to be open to it so they can hopefully get there faster than I did. Also, perception is so unbelievably important. You may think one thing but your customer(s) think something completely different. Communication is critical in order to make sure you are truly aligned with your customers.

Operations Manager in New York:
"Municipal law."
Learn tax code & DOH guidelines.