Operations Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Operations Manager in Charleston:
"Detailed concept understanding."
Dive in! Learn as much as possible at first. Learn all menus and positions in each concept intimately. Learn all the players names, strengths and weaknesses. Do not get tied down to only one task. Understand where you can make an immediate impact.

Operations Manager in Worcester:
"How bad the pay will ALWAYS be."
I love what I do. Yes, its stressful, what job isn't at some point. The pay sucks. Yeah, min. Wage has gone up. I feel as thow I am worth more than they pay me. Especially with all the work we managers do there. Then to top it off I make about 60 cents more than a front end associate, which is customer service and watches over the front. Yup, that's sad. Also, they don't pay you for all the blue law holidays. Bull shit! But, I need my job so I can't say anything. The sad thing is, I process payroll for my store. Other than that, it is a great place to work if your just looking for a pt job. Defnitly do not take this job if you have to support yourself. You can not on their salary. Not even in my shoes. I'm stuck and it sucks!

Operations Manager in Jacksonville:
"Think Big Picture."
The daily challenges an operations manager faces have a high propensity to mislead you to focus on relatively unimportant things. Consider the big picture from the perspective of your customers and this will effectively guide you to be a better leader and a better decision maker in prioritizing your team's activities.

Operations Manager in West Palm Beach:
"Language, lumber knowledge, managment experience, sales exp."
Work hard, be precise, be consistent, if things look like they're getting out of your control, ask for help before things go bad. Own up to your mistakes, don't make them again. Listen, follow, and be followed.

Operations Manager in 14467:
It takes years of handling customer service issues to realize...I just needed to relax. I can make everyone a winner here if I just relax. The guest will follow our lead...so go ahead, cool down and relax...then engage, leaning into the guest as to say come here I have something to tell you. Show them how easy going you are...it rubs off very quickly! Before you know it they are relaxed as well...everyone is having a good time and away we go!

Operations Manager in Woodbury:
"Engage in leadership training opportunities when possible."

Operations Manager in Elkhart:
"Be a Leader."
Be very open to change and be willing to volunteer to lead change. You set the bar in so many areas, you have to lead by example. Learn to delegate without micro-managing.