Operations Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Operations Manager in Purchase:
"Very high stress levels, Position skill set required."
As Ops Manager, Aircraft Maintenance Control candidate must possess strong diplomatic skills, prepare for extremely high stress levels, fully research position responsibilities, excellent written and communication skills and have command of all subject matter.

Operations Manager in Florence:
"Leadership 101."
Learn the basics and build a platform for idea sharing to enhance business performance. Develop a strategy, share/distribute ownership among the team, and create timely updates while communicating progress.

Operations Manager in Nashville:
"The Language and/or terminology."
Hire smart go getters around you that need little direction and that you can have easy dialogue or easy to speak to them understand what you are saying and not just getting a yes man.

Operations Manager in New York:
"Bad conditions."
Run for the hills. Promise the world you never do the job hired for.

Operations Manager in Toledo:
Be patient ,treat people the way you want to be treated , focus on goals for the company and the customer.

Operations Manager in Tucson:
"The hours."
Be prepared to spend a lot of time at work and don't count on spending family time or having holidays off. No company seems to understand you can telecommute an ops position, so be prepared to also not get overtime or holiday pay because they'll stick you on salary.

Operations Manager in Charlotte:
"It's all about the Financial's."
As a new Operations Manager, you will need to understand the financials for your profit center; specifically the Profit and Loss Statement, or P&L. Knowing which lines of business are succeeding and which require further evaluation, will help you manage costs and place you on the path to success.