Operations Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Supervisor?

Operations Supervisor in Charleston:
"Charleston is slow."
Pros: Nothing.
Cons: People have poor work ethics.

Operations Supervisor in Argyle:
"People in general are very high maintenance."
Stay true to your beliefs and do not give the wrong people to much perceived power. People at their core do not have the 'teams' intentions at first thought. They tend to define what they believe the team should be, not what you have defined it to them.

Operations Supervisor in Miami:
Don't be to soft, be stern, and assertive, not aggressive, listen, they are not your friends, solve issues, learn new skills, be attentive, go beyond.

Operations Supervisor in Memphis:
Pros: Access to gas stations with competitive prices.
Cons: Traffic.

Operations Supervisor in Columbus:
Pros: Tough. Aggressive. Solid. Long-term job.
Cons: Tough. Long hours. Work / life balance.

Operations Supervisor in Orlando:
Always map out your time so you can make your deadlines. Stay open and humble when receiving feedback as it will only help your further your career. A lot of your training will be from on the job training it won't come from reading modules. Manage your stress, by stretching out your PTO, find some rewarding in your job and own that, and always stay solution-oriented. Understanding payroll and scheduling will go hand in hand as how to support the needs of the business.

Operations Supervisor in Tampa:
"Take your time and do it once."
Hire good help and pay them what there worth.