Operations Team Leader Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Team Leader?

Operations Team Leader:
They care about the employees and work to make sure where you are placed works for everyone. Put employees needs first for time off and values employees who show up on time and learn their jobs well. Plenty of opportunities for advancement with new theme parks being built.

Operations Team Leader in Holland:
Pros: Close to home

Operations Team Leader in Salt Lake City:
"Manage team who provides elbow support to docs."
Pros: Working with and managing people.
Cons: 100% Client facing and entry level associates.

Operations Team Leader in New York:
"Long Commute."
Pros: Diversity.
Cons: Overcrowded, unreliable public transportation, dirty.

Operations Team Leader in Dayton:
"Get degree, then work."
Learn all aspects of the operation. Don't tolerate incompetence. Treat employees with respect and be fair, always.

Operations Team Leader in Indianapolis:
Pros: Being able to do it.And utilizing my skills to make a difference.
Cons: The stress and the data entry part of it.To much time in a chair.

Operations Team Leader in Summerville:
"Fun, rewarding, but difficult and challenging."
Pros: Opportunity to lead.
Cons: Physically exhausting.