Optician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Optician?

Optician in Dearborn Heights:
Pros: Flexibility and I make the choices and schedule.
Cons: Traveling in winter.

Optician in Hayward:
"It is nice to help people select eyewear & to see better."
Pros: I enjoy interacting with people and educating them on eyewear and contact lens options. There is a pleasant work atmosphere with the doctors, co-workers and patients. The doctors are are generous with lunches, treats and bonuses.
Cons: Sometimes the office is under staffed and it causes a little stress.

Optician in Madison:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: The people I work with are amazing. I love interacting with patients and helping them pick out glasses.
Cons: The management is really passive and we never know what we are supposed to do.

Optician in Lubbock:
Be prepared to learn everything there is to know about glasses, and apply what you've learned. Technology is always advancing so you have to keep up and do your own research sometimes.

Optician in Corvallis:
"Life is not about he money. It's the way you can help others."
Listen well to your patients, be kind.

Optician in Portland:
Pros: Diverse work environment, opportunities for challenging tasks, increased responsibility.
Cons: High stress, employer micromanagement tendencies, high staff turnover.

Optician in State College:
"No room to grow."
Be sure you love what you're doing, because you aren't going to get any farther than you are on day one. You may learn more, but there is no room for growth in optical. If you're looking for a career to grow with, look elsewhere.