Orthodontic Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Orthodontic Assistant?

Orthodontic Assistant in Poughkeepsie:
"Not for everyone."
Pros: Working under indirect supervision. Making patients happy.
Cons: High paced, stressful job. Little down time. Physically and emotionally demanding. Must always be engaging with patients and doctor, talking and dealing with people. Challenging situations. Dealing with patients pain and sensitivity. Doctors are usually hard to deal with.

Orthodontic Assistant in Atlanta:
"I would have like to know about benefits plans."
Please Please make sure you have benefit plans in place.

Orthodontic Assistant in Plainfield:
"Plainfield ortho."
Pros: Location is great. My patients are awesome. Three day work week.
Cons: There isn't always work to be done on non patient days which makes it hard to grt to 40 hours a week.

Orthodontic Assistant in Miami:
"Fast paced, energetic, fun, fairly stressful, demandint at t."
Pros: My boss because he is super friendly and always makes you laugh, always in a good mood/but he is strict and has his temper. The working environment is positive, am friends with everyone, we all get along, it's like our second family. Meeting the patients, getting to know them, treating each patient as if it were me getting orthodontic treatment for the first time.
Cons: The pay is fairly because it doesn't compensate the amount of hours we make on a daily basis and weekly. I also like least loosing hours and getting to much time off every time my boss goes on vacation because we don't get paid.

Orthodontic Assistant in Buffalo:
"Orthodontic assisting is very fast paced and demanding."
Always pay close attention to detail, and study the doctor that you work for thoroughly. This helps to build a good relationship, and also builds up the necessary trust needed between yourself and the dr. Try to learn as much information as possible from co-workers and discover a working style that best suits you.

Orthodontic Assistant in Puyallup:
Pros: I love to work with kids. Every time I'm going to work I'm happy.
Cons: Salary problems destroy positive attitude.

Orthodontic Assistant in Lawrenceville:
"Stay positive."
The key is to be a friendly coworker and have excellent patient care.