Paralegal Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Paralegal in Denver:
"I wish I had know that they do not give raises."
Do not work here. It is a with cracked walls, no ventilation in bathrooms, soiled carpet, plaster hanging from the ceiling, dead mice and squirrel odors. Low wages. You get a $100 bill at Christmas and $35 Gift card for Thanksgiving.

Paralegal in Wayne:
"THe job comes with a significant amount of responsibility."
Do not be afraid to ask questions and research.

Paralegal in Denton:
"Go to the source."
Always do your best to learn and check your facts against the authority. Ask questions.

Paralegal in Atlanta:
"Raise time."
Stay in your seat. Try not to socialize and just do your job. Be proactive not reactive.

Paralegal in Denver:
Attorneys are jerks. So are business owners. No one cares or appericates your work.

Paralegal in Los Angeles:
"A learning experience."
It gets easier with practice. Be professional, and willing to assist as needed.

Paralegal in Albany:
Listen, take notes & ask questions.