Paralegal Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Paralegal in Indianapolis:
"Paralegal - not a secretary."
Make sure you are doing the work of a Paralegal, not a secretary or an assistant. If you aren't given Paralegal work, find a new job. Ask for the work don't wait for it to be given to you.

Paralegal in Fort Lauderdale:
"It is not fulfilling."
Be sure this is what I want to do. It is difficult to work for some attorneys.

Paralegal in New London:
"Organized and detail oriented."
Make sure you are organized and detail oriented and ask questions if you are not sure what is to be done. Don't just wing it. Very important to be accurate in what you say, do and file with the court.

Paralegal in White Plains:
"I wish I knew that there would be no chance for advancement."
Access the office dynamics and continue to educate yourself about other job opportunities that may work for you.

Paralegal in Brooklyn:
"Prepare & type Summons & Complaint, legal documents."
To learn everything about the legal field that you are interested in. Continue your education and speak up for your salary and your job duties.

Paralegal in Boone:
"Research the attorneys you will be working for ahead if time."
Stay calm. You will not know everything and every attorney has good and bad work habits.

Paralegal in Texarkana:
"You can't over achieve the details."
You cannot over achieve on the details. Find out as much about your case as you can. Be the best investigator you can be. It will make you a better paralegal and your lawyer a better lawyer.